College Management

The College Management has a governing council which is the highest policy making body of the institution. Its membership consists of appointees of the State Government; representing of the Ministries of Education and Finance. The Provost, representatives of the College Academic Staff Union and the Registrar, who serves as the Secretary, are also members. Other Management bodies include: the Management, Academic Board and Principal Officers.

The Governing Council Members
1. The Chairman who shall be appointed by the Proprietor of the College.
2. Three ex-officio members who shall be:
(a) Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education
(b) Director of Higher Education
(c) Provost of the College
3. Five members to be appointed by the Proprietor who shall be:
(a) Two persons to represent local government’s interest.
(b) One principal of a post primary school.
(c) Two members representing the teaching profession
4. Four other members who shall be:
(a) Two persons to be nominated by the Board to represent its interest
(b) A representative of the College to be nominated by senior staff members.
2.3 Members of Academic Board
1. Provost
2. Deputy Provost
3. Librarian
4. Bursar
5. All Deans
6. All Academic Heads of Departments
7. Academic Secretary
Assist. Secretary
8. Registrar

Management Members
1. Provost
2. Deputy Provost
3. Registrar
4. Librarian
5. Bursar
6. Director of works

Administrative Setup
The administrative structure of the College consists of the following departments:

Central Administration
The Central Administration is the highest administrative department of the College. It consists of the offices of the Provost, Deputy Provost, Information Officer and Internal Auditor. The Provost, who is, however, responsible to the Governing Council, is the highest authority in the College. He is the custodian of maintenance of discipline among staff and students of the College. The Provost is also the Chief Accounting Officer of the Institution and controls the expenditure of the College. The Deputy Provost assists, deputizes and/or acts for the Provost when the need arises.

Registry Department
The Registry is headed by the Registrar who serves as the Secretary of the College. He recommends to the Provost for the implementation of administrative and academic decisions. It is also the duty of the registrar to handle all correspondence by the College. The Registry department is subdivided into four:
1. Academic Division: It is the responsibility of the academic division to admit and register students, keep academic records and students files as well as oversee the conduct of internal and external examinations.

2. Student Affairs Division: The division is responsible for the welfare of students including their social and recreational activities as well as the organization of general sports, orientation of fresh students and supervision of activities of clubs and societies.

3. Establishment Division: This division is responsible for staff appointment, promotions and upgrading of deserving members of staff. It is also concerned with in-service training, retirement, pension and other benefits of staff. Other responsibilities include retraining of staff and attracting of desired personnel into the College.

4. College Clinic: The College Clinic renders health services to staff and students. It treats minor health problems and refers major ones to appropriate hospitals.

Bursary Department
The Bursary Department is headed by the Bursar who is responsible to the Provost. The Bursar assists and advises the Provost on financial affairs of the College. Students pay all fees through the College Banks Accounts.

Works Department
The Director of Works is the Head of the Department and is directly responsible to the Provost of the Management of the College infrastructures, minor works, security, transport and supervision of College Projects.



Admission Requirements

(1) SSCE/WAEC/NECO/TCII, with three (3) credits in relevant subjects in one sitting or four credits at two (2) sittings.

Those awaiting results may also apply.